Getting Started

Strafe is organized into a collection of subcrates that follow the naming convention of r2rs-* or strafe-*.

Each of the r2rs-* crates are translations of their respective R packages (for instance the r2rs-mass crate is a translation of the MASS package in R). These are accumulated in the main r2rs package, allowing those familiar with R's organization to more easily access the functionality they desire in that way.

The strafe-* packages are reexports of the r2rs-* packages in a more streamlined fashion (for example, strafe-datasets combines the datasets found within r2rs-datasets, r2rs-mass, and r2rs-rfit into one place) or provides core functionality not found within any r2rs-* package (like the strafe-consts crate that provides numerical constants not otherwise provided). These are formally collected in the final strafe crate for easy import.

For those unfamiliar with R, the strafe crate is recommended over the r2rs crate. In the following examples we will be using strafe by updating the Cargo.toml as follows.

strafe = "0.1.0"